Data center related cancellations and refunds

All conditions below apply to any Data Center service, whether PBX, virtual machines, or actual server hardware belonging to the customer.

Customer is responsible for maintaining all backups.

Service cancellation:

Cancellation by customer of any service requires a 30 day written notice. This 30 day notice can be waived upon decision of Brightlan.

If Brightlan cancels service, a 30 day written notice will be given to customer.

Written notices may be provided via email.


Refunds are not provided for scheduled maintenance outages.

For unplanned outages, Brightlan will provide a prorated refund  upon written customer request.  Brightlan’s entire refund liability is limited to a prorated refund calculated by hour.  Beginning of the outage is documented by the time stamp of the Help Desk ticket created by the customer.  

If the customer is unable to create a ticket due to connection issues, Brightlan will consider the outage as beginning according to other timing sources. I.e. answering service time stamped message or  telephone conversation with Brightlan personnel.

In NO case is Brightlan obligated for any subsequent or consequential damages or losses caused by any outage.